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Year is almost up. With it comes December mix, something that really gets going with this cold weather outside, just enough to warm up inside and wrap everything nice and smoothly. Hope you enjoy it and i’ll catch you back here in January!

Happy Hollidays!


01. Bop – Enjoy the moment (Unquote remix)

02. Unquote – We breathe yoghurt lying on a strawberry bed

03. Mr. Sizef – Our most sincere feeling

04. Saburuko – Stellar (Dan Marshall remix)

05. Mr. Sizef – Garmoniya Mirov

06. Duo Infernale – Pipe dreams

07. Mr. Sizef – Forgotten toy

08. Mr. Sizef – 170 steps of loneliness

09. Smote & Gabanna – Slowly down

10. Brooklyn – Someone (Naibu remix)

11. Bachelors of Science – The ice dance

12. Mr. Sizef & Unquote – Hours have no reverse motion

13. Naibu – Tigresse

14. Smooth – Out of time

15. Forgotten Horizon – Never ending

16. Skynet – Love chords

DOWNLOAD LINK ->extnction MIX – vol.9

(154,64 MB, 320 kbps, 01:07:33 min)

’till January…



  1. oh god, what a tracklist!

  2. Nice mix. Loving all of these mixes. Thank you 🙂

  3. Awesome… very cool theme. I will write about it as well!!

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