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Apologies for not posting anything for january. Had plenty of problems to go with the beginning of this new year, but fortunately I’m over them at the moment. However, I’m bringing you something to make up for the previous month and also to put up for february. Starting off in the mix with one of my favorite producers at the moment – Mr. Sizef.

This is volume 10. Enjoy!


01. Mr. Sizef – Your gentle smile is a cradle of my world now and forever

02. Mr. Sizef – Lily is a flower which is giving rise to love

03. Mr. Sizef – Chocolate evening, the crimson sea, sweet feeling, only U

04. Lostlojic & Faib – Breath of spring

05. Circa – Ida

06. Swarms – Never step on me (Vishnu Remix)

07. Luca – Screen I motion

08. Mr. Sizef & Karina – Song about love

09. Sinistarr & Kiat – Black diamonds

10. Consequence feat. ASC – Form a distance

11. Rmonix – The dream will survive (feat. Jett)

12. Chase & Status – Can’t get enough

13. Big Bud – Want you so bad

14. B-Complex – Reflections

15. Camo & Krooked – Terra

DOWNLOAD LINK ->extnction MIX – vol.10

(154,03 MB, 320 kbps, 01:07:17 min)



  1. Mr Sizef is a beast, loving the whole mix 🙂

    • Yeah he is, he’s producing mind-blowing tracks… Glad that you love the mix Hepps, thanks! 🙂

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